Tibetan Mastiff's paradise and legend.

Yih Jy Chu Zang-ao Kennel / Legend Wu  Since 1986

Long time no see, my dear friends from all over the world.

Im very sorry for not updating my website these 3 years and not sharing my experience and dedication toward Zang-ao.

Recent 20 years, from knowing and breeding Zang-ao, deeply I understand the toughness, loyalty, and brilliance of original Zang-ao as well as the pith of the TM culture.

I still have to learn hard, thus to understand it profoundly – true Zang-ao(Shang-kyi ) from country of origin.


Since 2005, I’ve received many invites to visit many cities in China attending many large exhibitions (thousands of TMs per exhibition) and judging many many TMs from original location. Every visit I learn things modestly.

Today, with an extreme open-mind, I update my website; without tautology.

Again, I want to invite my dear friends to share and visit the TMs from Yih Jy Chu Zang-ao Kennel / Legend Wu. I hope youll like it sincerely.

Qin-True 10 months old

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